Meadow Mountain, who hail from Denver, have lyrics dripping with Colorado geography, and their harmonizing was up to match with any of the headliners
— 303 Magazine (at the 2017 Telluride Band Competition)
Meadow Mountain is on the forefront of a  musical movement in Colorado. It is a movement born from a desire to understand one’s roots - to understand why one makes the music that they make. 

This band is comprised of 5 best friends, who, with their feet placed firmly on Rocky Mountain soil, look attentively towards the Blue Ridge Mountains and the rich tradition of Bluegrass music there. 

They explore traditions of Swedish fiddle music, Acoustic Jazz, Old-time, and Classical, and their original music is steeped in heartbreak and mountain breezes.

You will hear intricately arranged, soaring instrumentals. You will hear hard-driving, traditional Bluegrass music. Most importantly, however, you will hear five best friends play a music that is much larger than the sum of it’s parts.